Property of the Princes (BoyxBoy) [Re-writing]

Property of the Princes (BoyxBoy) [Re-writing]

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Happy stalking~ By thatoneblwriter Updated Jan 21, 2017

Theodore Citrus, a boy with a family who has financial problems who can't afford for him to go to school anymore. But due to some coincidental luck and his own kindness, he got a scholarship for the most prestigious school in existence, Micron High School, a school made for daughters and sons of the most powerful people all over the world. Every single person there had parents who are top notch celebrities, rich as hell, famous or even powerful. 

Since he had to finish school to get a decent,stable job for his family, he decided to join. He knew he would get bullied for being from a poor family, he would be like a black sheep in the school but what other choices does he have? 

So his goal was, keep his head down, don't attract any attention to himself, don't get in the way of anyone and try to survive 2 years of this school. 

But the "Don't attract attention to himself" part was really hard when he literally has natural muti-coloured hair. And it really doesn't help when he gets the attention of the Royals, also known as the Princes. The most popular, most powerful people in the school, and basically the world. And the worst part, all of them (4 guys) seemed to be in love with Theo and  are literally trying everything to do 'it' with him. 

And it really doesn't help, once again , when he has to live in the same dorm as them!

Watch as Theo gets involved (not by choice) with the Princes, get noticed by others (in a bad way) and most importantly, try to survive 2 years of school while struggling to keep his 'innocence' (aka virginity) intact!

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HakitaSahime HakitaSahime Dec 05, 2016
When I read the summary of this story, the first thing I thought of was Ouran Highschool Host Club XD
Meichio Meichio Oct 19, 2016
Lol this scene remind me of that korean drama...boys over flowers(?) hahaha
GennyB3 GennyB3 Aug 06, 2016
OMG!! I love this story! Please update I really want to keep reading. This is some exciting stuff.