The Consequences {Jacob Black}

The Consequences {Jacob Black}

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If she was being honest with herself, she would have to admit that she had always loved him. Her parents had separated them for so long, she felt as if she barely knew her sister. But him, she knew him; probably better than he knew himself. Little did she know that her life was about to flipped upside and turned inside out and she was going to learn to live with the consequences.

Disclaimer- I am NOT the original author of this story. The original author of this story is M. Michelon on The link to the original story and the profile will be found bellow. I also should warn you that this book contains Bella bashing and Cullen bashing, also me nor the original fanfiction author owns twilight. 

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I’ve read the original story and Ryanne is the best thing ever
Are you continuously switching between third person and first person or like-?
trashbin2 trashbin2 May 06
I love their friendship. I wish for a friendship like this one. It's brotp goals.
angelifdeath20019 angelifdeath20019 Aug 10, 2017
Is your first language english? Because you could have fooled me
Aurorakaneki Aurorakaneki Aug 24, 2017
Bella has zero respect for anyone that's not a Cullen especially Edward
I_lIkE_eLmO I_lIkE_eLmO Feb 06, 2017
*points at her* I like this one. You. Yes you. No, you. Next to her with the brown hair. Yes, you.