The Games |√| (Dramione)

The Games |√| (Dramione)

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Hania By -deatheaterdraco Completed

The Wizarding war has ended peacefully.

Voldemort has been beaten.

All was well... probably.

Something new tests certain six students.

But they're not friends.

They're enemies.

With the upcoming events , will our beloved Harry Potter forget the past and move on?

Or are there still lingering feelings he doesn't want to forget?

Will Harry Potter and Co. Make alliances with the most unlikely?

Will the most unlikely accept the truce?

Will lives be at risk?

Will you get bored of this story?

Find out here!

Ariellalola Ariellalola Dec 21, 2016
Awh.. "Will. You. Stop. Eating! Your best friend is missing" 😂❤️
dracoswand_ dracoswand_ Feb 06
honey either way everyone's mean to you so there's no point in changing
arctcnegbourhood arctcnegbourhood Dec 23, 2016
the past can hurt but the way i see it you can either run from it or learn from it
JustcallmeMal JustcallmeMal Dec 29, 2016
Prefect! No spelling mistakes no preposition mistakes. No typos. No nothing!
arctcnegbourhood arctcnegbourhood Dec 23, 2016
sorry lion king is legit my childhood and it just popped into my head ngl
Alisa76549 Alisa76549 Jan 28
*chockes on chocolate cake* Pansy Pugface is coming?! I knew she wouldn't let Draco and Hermione happy!