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Ready for some philosophical shits and destructive moments? 

No offense tho. 

"Know you love me girl so that I love you."

Note: I am not a MinJoon shipper but Jimin happened to be everywhere. 

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Started: 31/7/16


P/s: just so you know, I love to insert media things in some chapters so it might trouble you if you read this book offline. I'm sorry!

Well at least the group now signed in to Def Jams company so Jimin can at least have some jams
jimin: you got no abs (even though they all do)
                              Namjoon: yah cuz i ate all your jams
- - Apr 27
Little did he know, after a couple years he participated in dance battles and began to do even more extreme choreography.
Still not sure if he was emphasising that he can't dance or if he was just showing off his English skills😂
myg-jjk myg-jjk Nov 06, 2016
Maybe this joke is still alive because of the new armys that finds this one hilarious. It's still funny fore tho
marry0310 marry0310 Aug 21, 2016
I know, it's funny and stuff but for real, there's a Korean word '노잼' (nojeam) that means something like 'not funny or not interesting'