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Ready for some philosophical shits and destructive moments? 

No offense tho. 

"Know you love me girl so that I love you."

Note: I am not a MinJoon shipper but Jimin happened to be everywhere. 

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Started: 31/7/16


P/s: just so you know, I love to insert media things in some chapters so it might trouble you if you read this book offline. I'm sorry!

myg-jjk myg-jjk Nov 06, 2016
Maybe this joke is still alive because of the new armys that finds this one hilarious. It's still funny fore tho
marry0310 marry0310 Aug 21, 2016
I know, it's funny and stuff but for real, there's a Korean word '노잼' (nojeam) that means something like 'not funny or not interesting'
RMxA04 RMxA04 5 days ago
Has anyone else noticed that Joonie is always at the back in dances?