Celestial Academy: Silver Eyed

Celestial Academy: Silver Eyed

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Raiden By RaidenXVI Updated Dec 31, 2017

Athena Godwin is the daughter of two prominent Mage. Her mother was a Deity--- a title bestowed upon the selected 12 strongest mage in their time. Her father was also a renowned mage for displaying skills and talent incomparable to many, at a young age. Thus, he was branded a prodigy. However, those titles never really mattered to Athena, for her parents perished during the war. She was a witness to it, because they died in front of her eyes. 

At such a young age she became an orphan. She has been adopted by a mage named Rhea and was raised in the Mortal world. She wasn't raised there to live a normal life like normal humans do. She trained--- she trained so hard to be capable on seeking her vengeance. As a result of her training, she achieved the Silver stage--- the second to the highest stage. Meaning, she has full control of her power and it's second to maximum. When she thought she's ready to have her revenge, she made her way to Celestial Academy.
Celestial Academy is an Academy for mages that trains them to discover and improve their powers. They're also sending students for missions--- and this includes killing, spying and tracking enemies.

What will happen to her? Who will she meet? Come and let's find out! 
 Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Action, Humor.
 Credits to: Yellow_9 for the book cover :D.

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Holmes_Adler Holmes_Adler May 16, 2017
You are the enemy of your enemy... Are u gonna kill urself to??
_BurriTooru _BurriTooru Apr 11, 2017
Wooohhh go athena beybeh !!! Revenge!!kill him !!! 
                              Pero masyadong gwapo ang dark prince , 
                              Hindi!! Kailangan mag higanti ni athena beybeh sa dark prince kaya 
                              La na ako pake kung gwapo yung dark prince ...... GOOOO ATHENA BEYBEH!!
reinepisces reinepisces Oct 12, 2017
our teacher told us not to start a sentence with “and” or other conjuctions lol idk why tho
Gwiiie Gwiiie Nov 05, 2017
Huwag nga kayo, just  enjoy the story. Huehuehuehue Ey Em exzoited ^////-////^
KereinaUtsukushi02 KereinaUtsukushi02 Mar 29, 2017
Try kong hindi maging silent reader dito. Haha. Ngayon lang to, promise! -Late reader
Wildest dream~ charot 
                              Tapos pag nakita mo si dark prince.. magiging parang maamong tuta ka kasi gwapo? Ganern! Charot lang hahaa