Celestial Academy: Silver Eyed

Celestial Academy: Silver Eyed

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Athena Godwin is a Mage. She's one of the survivors of the Bloodshed tragedy, a tragedy wherein her parents, especially her Mother--- A Deity, died because of the Death King. Because of this, she trained hard to seek vengeance. As a result of her training, she achieved the Silver stage--- The second to the highest stage. Meaning, she has full control of her power and it's second to maximum. When she thought she's ready to have her revenge, she made her way to Celestial Academy.

Celestial Academy is an Academy for Mages that trains them to Discover and improve their powers. They're also sending students for missions, and this includes killing, spying and tracking enemies.

What will happen to her? Who will she meet? Come and let's find out! 


Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Action, Humor.

Story #5

Credits to: Yellow_9 for the book cover :D.

Tapos may twist Yung story. Yung cliché. Yung taong mahal mo siya pa Yung taong gusto mong burahin sa mundo.
dark prince... hmmm sounds in trouble... oohhh i think this is gonna be great for me