Our Secret (MCD Vylad X Reader)

Our Secret (MCD Vylad X Reader)

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~Under Major Editing~
{First couple of chapters uncanon until editing is finished}

The day Lady Aphmau came to Phoenix Drop, the village had been blessed for a million moons by Lady Irene! This was also the day Aphmau had met a woman with remarkable magicks, ones just like The Missing Lord...

(Y/n) (L/n) knew from the start her main priority: Protecting Lady Irene, or Aphmau, as many called her, with her life. Unfortunately, once Okhasis declared war and Garroth betrayed them, Aphmau, (Y/n), and some of their allies became trapped in the Irene Dimension, along with Zane and Garroth. After being freed and leaving Garroth behind, problems arise and secrets come out, mainly the ones of our main protagonist. The thing is, secrets are going to come out, even when you hide them, little (Y/n). 

Prior to this, (Y/n) was to be married. Married to the second eldest of the Ro'meave brothers, Zane. Once she came of age and had been married, (Y/n) would be able to take over the thrown of her late parents. Problem is...She didn't fall in love with Zane. Instead, it had been his younger brother, Vylad. Everything, every plan, every action had gone to waste. The two would pay dearly, all because YOU fell in love with the wrong Ro'meave...

Funny, isn't it? Secrets aren't meant to be hidden, (Y/n), even if they bring trouble. Then again, your life is just full of secrets...
My main concerns though: What will happen with you and Vylad? Where is he? How will 'mommy' help you? Are you finally done running from your past?

Guess we'll just have to wait and see, heh...

(Y/n)~ Your name
(L/n)~ Last name
(S/n)~ Sword name
(A/t)~ Archery weapon type
(F/c)~ Favorite color
(H/c)~ Hair color 
(H/l)~ Hair length
(B/s)~ Bust size

<More will be added as the story progresses>

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Wait that mean meh skin can be purple yellow orange green blue rainbow pink maroon aqua and many more colors