Textual Relations

Textual Relations

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Etta Harvey and Kick Foster are friends.

Well sort of.

Etta first found Kick seven years ago when she was sifting through the forums of on online high school community. She needed help with her calculus, and he was the first person to offer it. Which, considering it was 3am on the morning of the state's Year 12 maths finals meant she owed him. Big time.

Only days later, she was able to repay him when she stayed up all night teaching him her bawdy mnemonics for cell processes.

The pair spent the next fortnight dissecting their presumed respective performances in the remainder of their subject exams, and then moved on.

Nearly seven years later, Etta and Kick reconnect... reconnect in an 'Etta drank far too much cough medicine chased with caffeine and in a moment of exam induced anxiety divulged her every insecurity about the culmination of academia and maybe even something a little more personal to his old and presumably no longer active forum account only it was still very much active and that's how they became sort of friends' kind of way.

About to graduate University, they build an unconventional friendship that navigates the fears and excitement of their impending life changes and also sort of crosses the boundaries of the friend-zone...

Can they find a way to take it offline?