Daddies and kittens  C.A.L.M a.u

Daddies and kittens C.A.L.M a.u

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burritosarebae By burritosarebae Updated Feb 27

❤️Age play, knife play, gun play, breath control, pet play ❤️ Dom!Luke Dom!Calum Dom!Ashton Fem!Michael

  • 5sos
  • ageplay
  • calm
  • knifeplay
  • ot4
  • petplay
knife play - if thats like gun play then no
                              pet play - no i'm not a dog ffs
                              group sex - ok
                              shower time - i love getting washed xoxxo
                              gagging - ew no i'd vom
                              -i want to reply to them shut up
breath control - whats that
                              sensory deprivation - whats that
                              spanking - cute
                              bondage - ew
                              group sex - ok
                              pet play - stop with the dog thing
                              rimming - ew
CALUM'S MASTER ?? 😂 i hate sensory deprivation it's on my red list smh i can't handle it 🙄
pet play - it's cute, i'm not into being a dog though
                              gun play - thanks to the description below, im not into it.
                              group sex - with 5sos? yes.
                              hair pulling - who isnt what
                              rimming - um
rule 1: easy
                              rule 2: how tf can you not swear
                              rule 3: begging since the womb bitch
                              rule 4: sure thang
                              rule 5: im into it
flowercrown_prince flowercrown_prince Nov 28, 2016
I didn't know it would be this type of fanfic
                              But why is Mikey 15 and everyone else their actual ages