The Bully Vs. The Stalker  (Boy X boy)

The Bully Vs. The Stalker (Boy X boy)

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Powie-cute By Powie-cute Updated Jul 31, 2016

The bully vs. The stalker
(Boy x boy)

How could've Skylar known what was going on around him?
A stalker, perusing him in the distance...watching his every move, planning to kill off everyone around him to have him all to himself...

Then that bully who used to be his friend but turned on him for popularity... Now he's claiming to actually have a crush on the one he bullied for being gay? All because he thought it would make him seem cool to bully the defenceless gay kid...

If either of them have any shot with Skylar, they better not blow it with this feud...

Because, as of now, love's a war that neither can afford to lose. . .

Yet no one warned anyone that where there are losers,
 there might not be any winners after all. . .

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- - Jul 20, 2017
You ever gonna at the very least say there names? Oh nope okay
- - Jul 20, 2017
Awwww, that's so cute! Why did you have to change, because now I basically HAVE to hate you, but but but, how can I hate you when you cared for sky so much in the past?
xLucky_Gravityx xLucky_Gravityx Sep 21, 2017
This makes me laughed because Ian is a name of my classmate who is actually good at science 😅😅
betweendreamsandsea betweendreamsandsea Jun 14, 2017
I love how you comment on your story, it makes it feel interactive ahahha
MagicMewa MagicMewa Sep 07, 2017
Right is always right, exept in those cases were right is wrong so theres only left left, and in those cases left is right. .-.
- - Jul 20, 2017
Wait what the f*ck is this symbol that I drew on my paper? Eh f*ck it