...I think I like you, what should I do? [Love Live x Fem!Reader]

...I think I like you, what should I do? [Love Live x Fem!Reader]

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Love Live Trash By weeaboo343 Updated Oct 31

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Yoshiko/yohane x childish reader please ? Reader will be interested in everything yohane does and she'll be so clingy to her , like she always visits her and always talks to her , can it end in a lemon please ?
Nozomi × Artist! Reader Lemon please? Thank you and it's my first time to request here 😅
Did I request a Tsubasa x Sister! Cold! Reader yet? If so, can you add that to your request list?
Of course I will request a freaking lemon Mari x Reader lemon please!
Could you please do a Riko x Bold! Best Friend! Reader! ? 🙂
Oh wait. You have to do a Riko x Reader, and at the end the reader asks: "How does one Sakurauchi?"