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Princess_Juliet_123 By Princess_Juliet_123 Updated Aug 12, 2016

            •Please read until the end•

This is for all those Homophobic people out there: If you do not like gay ships you can leave now! JUST GO

I ship literally everyone equally. David and Liza, David and Alex, Corinna and Alex, Dom and Corinna, Gabbie and Zane, just to name a few. You can also let me know what ship you want to see in the fan fiction. DONT SAY TITANIC lol

Also, if David ever reads this fan fiction i will probably spend 30 hours screaming of joy

Guys have feelings too, so in my fan fiction they guys may act like little bitches at some point 

Don't know when the first part will be published but i will try to make it August 2nd

Do not get butthurt by anything I say in the fan fiction 

2. This is just for entertainment purposes 

So now that I've said that, Hi! My name is Juliet and i hope you enjoy this fan fiction

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