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Say Cheese! [boyxboy]|✔️

Say Cheese! [boyxboy]|✔️

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S A G I I By sagarika_c Completed

The plan was to marry Gianna, convince my father that I had fallen head over heels for the girl I was being forced into marrying, and keep convincing the old man till he was buried six feet under the ground. Yes, that was the plan. And the plan was pretty darn good until a beautiful plot twist, disguised as my wedding photographer decided to ruin it. 

"Let someone love you for the way you are. Let someone love everything about you, flaws and all. Let someone look at you with an unusual glimmer in their eye. And let that someone be you." 

Join Blaine and Donovan in this journey where they discover themselves and each other. 

Started: 31st July 2016 
Finished: 15th November 2016 

Graphics by the lovely: @aurorescence.

lizeeRjna lizeeRjna Dec 27, 2016
This story made me laugh n cry at the end.. Thank u so much for this amazing piece
HeyImLoz HeyImLoz Jan 25
Bruh this is gonna be good anyone familiar with himym is my bro ok
Justmylittleself Justmylittleself Dec 22, 2016
Um I don't mean to be rude but actually the correct term is "BRUH". Yes, all capitalised.
kay_royal kay_royal Dec 31, 2016
Impressed with a summarized background to what will go down. Good writing honestly
For some reason Everytime I read words that are written this way, it makes me wonder if the character is retelling the story or is actually living it in the present.
BITE is my favorite song from "The blue neighborhood" 😭😍