Just One Glance 〔Jikook〕

Just One Glance 〔Jikook〕

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Boy Meets Evil By jikook_4_ever Completed

Jungkook was scrolling down some comments in his last video, none seemed to call much of his attention...
Until he read one like this;
" OmG!!! Wtf is Jungkook's problem!! He didn't even notice Jimin glancing at him!!"
Jungkook was confused and curious about what the fan just wrote.

Why would be Jimin "glancing" at him, it might just be some crazy girl with some crazy eyes... 

He decided to watch the video again, you know, just to make sure.

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HolyBaloney HolyBaloney Mar 05
I don't even listen to k-pop..... I don't know who anyone is.....lol
jikooklook jikooklook Feb 24
Beach. That's like saying I don't romantically look at my food.....  We all know your lying boi
But that was toatally me when I was a noob to smut and a novice... but oHOHOHO bitCH.... once you start you can't stop...
BangGotTwiPink BangGotTwiPink 7 days ago
You should've named dis story; "it all started in a fanfiction" lol. Just givin a suggestion.
jnnyac jnnyac Mar 04
'constructive comments' as in things like
                              i WaNt tHe JibOoTy
                              tHey COuLd cUt mE wiTh TheIr JaWliNeS 
                              TheY ArE sUcH DaDs