An Absolute Master's Pet [AkaKuro]

An Absolute Master's Pet [AkaKuro]

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Tetsuya Akashi By TetsuAkashi Updated Aug 21, 2016

"I bought you, Tetsuya. You're mine~"

"I'll never be yours, Akashi."

"We shall see....for I am absolute."

Kuroko Tetsuya, a 16 year old boy who was caught and sold at a slave auction and bought by the infamous young CEO, Akashi Seijuro.

"I fell in love with those mesmerizing blue eyes, Tetsuya~"

"But I'll never love you....."

Or will he....?



"I'll have to make you."

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Akatsukisaku Akatsukisaku Aug 16, 2017
"Face palm" Kuroko you dont stop and talk to stranger especially all in black.
                              Listen to your mind and run .
Where are you taking me
                              I'm about to change your life 
                              By all means lead the way