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I Hate You (Fred Weasley Story)

I Hate You (Fred Weasley Story)

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Kaylie❤️ By hey-its-kay Completed


Belle Black has lived with a muggle family since before she could remember. She didn't even know about magic and her family of wizards and witches. But on the eve of her eleventh birthday, she got a letter saying she was invited to learn magic at Hogwarts of Witchcraft ad Wizardry. She was ecstatic to be learning about her real family. The first moment on the train, she was sitting alone in a room, when two twin boys joined her, chatting up a storm. She quickly becomes friends with them, seeing as she had so much in common with them. What happens when they get to Hogwarts and things start happening?

Vbib1029 Vbib1029 Dec 12, 2016
* Anyone with eyes that work.  ( Blind people have eyes they just don't work. )
I saw that you're editing so I wanted to help and say that you indented right here 😊
fluffygothicbats fluffygothicbats 3 days ago
Thank you for having good grammar, author. Grammar is my biggest pet peeve. 😜
I found the first 2 chapters wonderful, don't beat yourself up!!