Mr. Bad Man (Sequel To He's Still Obsessed) Under Editing|

Mr. Bad Man (Sequel To He's Still Obsessed) Under Editing|

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Eden Biersack By Jvst_Eden Completed

~Book 3 of the Is He Obsessed series

17 year old Hayden Biersack is the son of Andy and Bella Biersack. Hayden has always been a crazy troubled kid, thanks to his dad who is also a psycho. The only people in his family that aren't crazy is his sister Hazley. His mom tries to keep her insanity a secret, when she loses it she goes into a room and doesn't come out until she's okay again. He struggles to fit in with other people because of his mental problems, he is shunned by everyone, called a freak and many other names. He meets this girl. She's quiet and very depressed, just like him. When they meet they click instantly, well after tons of awkward silences, of course, she takes a huge liking to him but she soon learns about his mental problems and pushes him away. He goes berserk and fights his way back into her life, all while trying not to hurt her, she'd just push him away even more, it's an on and off relationship with them their whole journey.

"W-what's your name?" I asked

"Sammy," She said and smiled at me, gorgeous

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He's like the male version of me even tho I got an older sister and everyone is sane but me and I have teal hair..
YeH iD sMaSh 
                              He's pretty chill and sarcastic and funny so yeah
Tori-batman Tori-batman Jul 31, 2016
Hazley is mean but he's been threw a lot so ya I would be friends with him and maybe date him I would really want to help him
MiscalPixelStudios MiscalPixelStudios Oct 01, 2016
We all have perverted minds dude. It's okay. (My mind had a perverted thought ONCE! I'm pretty sure everyone does as well at some point 🙋😋)
RaylahM RaylahM Oct 12, 2016
Dude ... I don't hide it ... EVERYONE KNOWS I WATCH PORN... Even my FÜÇKING DAD!!!
MiscalPixelStudios MiscalPixelStudios Oct 01, 2016
Hayden's cool. He has the mind even worse than Jayy, Ashley, Dahvie, or Jeffree (surprising) but that just makes him relatable! Hazley's a bit of a bitch.