Family.  [peterick]

Family. [peterick]

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This is it.  We're all each other has.

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also frank screaming is amazing stfu beebo and just listen ~hands him playlist of songs frank screams in~
CantFindMyCarRadio CantFindMyCarRadio Aug 21, 2017
Ok but the back story is sad but I would love to live with my frens??
gee_the_jacket_slut gee_the_jacket_slut Sep 23, 2017
Actually me whenever my mom and grandma (maternal) argue when im in the house
folieamania folieamania Dec 19, 2017
I love you mikey but get he fück away this is peterick b¡tch
thats denial number 26843222789621548 or more considering how the tøp fandom is
gee_the_jacket_slut gee_the_jacket_slut Sep 23, 2017
I wish that would be a good enough excuse. Im rarely ever sick enough to stay home yet if i said this my mom would tell me im not sick so im going to school