Daddy (James Dalgoskey) (ON HOLD)

Daddy (James Dalgoskey) (ON HOLD)

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"Daddy?" I asked. He asked me to call him daddy? Did I hear that right? 

"Yes. And if you break any of those rules, you'll have to get punished. Remember I'm in charge here." 

"Can I please go home?" I begged. "I dont know what you want from me but If you tell me I think we can work something out, please!" By now I was In tears. My dad is probably worried sick and I'm stuck here with Mr. Dalgoskey! 

"Awe baby." He cooed. "You're just tired, you need a nap." He said putting his arms around me, carrying me upstairs again. 

"No! No! I don't need a nap! I need to go home! Please, let me go!" I start screaming and kicking my feet. But soon I realize I was back in the stupid crib I woke up in. 

He took out a pacifier from a closet that was in the room and held it at my lips. I shook my head not wanting that thing in my mouth. But he just held it there so I snatched it out of his hand and threw it at the wall. 

"You shouldn't have done that honey." He shook his head and locked us in the room. 

What is he doing? 

He slowly started to unbuckle his belt. 
"Naughty girls get punished."

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This is the only DDLG book I have ever read dat contains d of getting her period and I'm so loving dis book
In all the DDLG books I read the author never said anything about the lg ever getting her period. I'm glad someone finally decided to add that little detail it makes the book more realistic