Come Back Daddy (A James Franco FanFic)

Come Back Daddy (A James Franco FanFic)

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J A Z Z L Y N By JazzlynLovesDowney Completed

Dealing with her recent discovery of her pregnancy along with the two on going cases for both love interest in her life (James Franco & Dave Franco) Amia is forced to deal with the press, interviews, court testimonies and 2 young kids. Amia needs to make a decision, James.. Or Dave. Who will have her heart. How will the cases end, Will James be convicted? .. Will Dave be convicted? Who's the unborn baby's father? 

Is she going to tell them?

How will James react to her sleeping with Dave?
Will she ever feel the same about Dave they way he feels about her.. Read to find out. 

** Still Very Smuty***

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skkiin skkiin Apr 27
she pretty, but i'm sure as hell she wouldn't be able to beat up no one........
lozerrrrrrr lozerrrrrrr Apr 07
I'm confused 😂😂 I read the first book ok so I came here and this just got me confused
skkiin skkiin Apr 27
look at my dad, my son, my future hubby who's like 25 years older than me, the man who'll father my children, the man with the dick that I'd most likely put in every hole of my body.
                              i mean, just look at him.
Zozzzayyy Zozzzayyy Oct 04
I mean even you!!!! Deny till you die like come on get with the programme
lis_jones13 lis_jones13 Aug 16
James imma skip all the way to the last chapter and see who she picks if DOSENT pick James imma mentally jump of a bridge
panda_041201 panda_041201 Jul 31, 2016
Team James all the way but give Dave a chance so people can see that they ant right for each other