The Ultimate Douchebag {Reader x Byakuya Togami Fanfiction}

The Ultimate Douchebag {Reader x Byakuya Togami Fanfiction}

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Animal_Crosser By AnimalCrosser11037 Updated Jun 05, 2017

Meet Y/N your simple, average high school girl. She was pretty and made fairly good grades. She wasn't popular or anything but everyone seemed to like her. Quirky, but sweet, she anything but special.

Meet Byakuya Togami, the most intelligent and handsome guy in school. He was the heir to one of the richest families in the country. He seemed like the perfect guy, right? 

Upon first inspection that would be true, however his arrogant demeanor throws that all out of the window. His ego was so big, he'd refer to everyone below him as 'peasants'. He wouldn't be caught dead with someone lower than him. Surely every girl in school would fall for his looks, if it wasn't for his high standards or flat out bluntness. He wasn't afraid to tell you what he thought of you. So naturally everyone made sure to stay out of his way.

What will happen when Y/N regretfully gets on his bad side?

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Trashy_Bork Trashy_Bork Jul 03, 2017
I don't wanna be a priss I'm just trying to be polite but it always seems to bite me in the-
Im_Just_Fine Im_Just_Fine Mar 31, 2017
He's rich he can but million library's why is one book making his guy rage?
Indisgra Indisgra Dec 25, 2017
My place is the classroom I’m even more late for, I can fix it for you later, ya prick
Aot-Gf-fnaf-lexi Aot-Gf-fnaf-lexi Dec 31, 2017
Me! Poor!? Hah! Ur funny Togami! Let me tell you something you lil sh* are absolutely right T_T
Indisgra Indisgra Dec 25, 2017
Well I’ll have you know that I have *insert douchebag bragging here*
ImAlsoBTStrash ImAlsoBTStrash Feb 12, 2017
Me? Poor? As far as I can remember that "poor" is my nickname for my friend named Rich. So, I'm not poor! Watch me slap money on your face!💱💱💷💶💵💴💲💳💰👛👝