Dear JungKook; Jungkook x Reader

Dear JungKook; Jungkook x Reader

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❀Haneul❀ By Oh_Deer_Bacon Completed

Jung Kook x Reader fan fiction! (The ending has a complete twist tho)
Everything was going perfectly fine until, as usual, the bullies came your way. They teased you for awhile until a tall, handsome, 18 year old took them off you. After that, you became good friends. Little did he know, you were in love with him. It was love at first sight. You thought you were being a little too obvious on your love for him, so you came up with an idea. An idea that would help you get all  your feelings out, and would hopefully succeed on the hiding of this secret. Everyday, you'd write letters to him, love letters. These were never supposed to be sent, though. 

This letter idea of yours was being successful until one day, you were transferred to Los Angeles for studying purposes. As your parents looked through your things while you were at school, they found your letters hidden at the end of one of your boxes. The letters in which you confessed your love to him. 

What happens when those letters get sent?


Started: August 22, 2016
Ended: October 19, 2016

macbill18 macbill18 Sep 10
OK I have a big question did you when you first saw sehun did you think he was the oldest is that just me
_Suga_Tae_ _Suga_Tae_ Nov 15
I'm fine with my Korean name. My Korean name is Choi Ha-Rin.