Don't Trust The Boy In The Red Cape (Rewrite) (Young Justice)

Don't Trust The Boy In The Red Cape (Rewrite) (Young Justice)

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Olly By TheLastFlyingGrayson Updated Oct 12

THIS IS THE REWRITE! \(^~^)/ First six chapters are just edited with slight changes, rest are completely different.

~Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift, that is why it's called the present~

Bruce Wayne never went to the circus on the day the Graysons died, meaning he never adopted their orphaned son, Richard.
 Dick went to a Juvenile Detention Centre for eight months before spending a year going in and out different foster homes, each one rejecting him, now he's in a Gotham orphanage. 
 Five years after the Graysons death, and there's a new black haired, blue eyed thief in Gotham, nobody knows who he is, it's a mystery.  So that's what they've called him- Mystery. Mystery constantly annoys the Justice League and their sidekicks, occasionally helping out when it suits him. 
The Justice League know nothing about the young boy and its starting to frustrate them, especially Batman. 
What happens when they find out that Mystery is just Richard Grayson, a messed up orphan? Will they decide to send him back to Juvie or help him?
Unknown to the Justice League, he's running from something, but what?

Disclaimer- I don't own Young Justice

Man, it's been so long I forgot about THEM. But good update. Keep up the good work.
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I freaking love the first part and than the 13 months earlier
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That mask is so cool and beautiful, it goes with everything perfectly, great choice!
I think it's cool that you changed it so that Batman was there instead of that lady.
If I wasn't so sick I think I'd literally be jumping for joy right now.
                              THANK YOU SO MUCH OLLY
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