For you (Supernatural x Male!Reader)

For you (Supernatural x Male!Reader)

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Rose By GriseldaRoseberry Updated Dec 01, 2016

EDIT 08/29/2017: needs to be rewritten, characters are quite OOC and the plot is kind of...meh. (#Honest Edit) 

"I met Dean in highschool. I hated him at first. He seemed like the type who would flirt with girls just for his amusement. The new kid who's only there to play with their hearts. I was wrong.
My thought about him changed when he saved me from demons, the same day I discovered that a "sword of Damocles" was hanging over my head. I witnessed the death of my parents. So much blood was in front of me. My only family, was dead. I was devastated."

Warning: it's Supernatural. Angst.

Author note: So many plot twist. It doesn't follow Supernatural's plot line completly.

(I own nothing except this story)

Honestly, as much as I love Dean, I'd choose Crowley if Dean broke my heart. Crowley seems truly in love. If someone is in love me, and I have no feelings. I always try to work it out.
ChoveryChan ChoveryChan Oct 15, 2016
Just why?? This is unfair cant you love Crowley back? Just like how he love you? I hate you! Poor Crowley (πーπ)
The_Bloody_Actor The_Bloody_Actor Aug 22, 2016
"All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces......."