For you (Supernatural x Male!Reader)

For you (Supernatural x Male!Reader)

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Rose By GriseldaRoseberry Updated Dec 01, 2016

"I met Dean in highschool. I hated him at first. He seemed like the type who would flirt with girls just for his amusement. The new kid who's only there to play with their hearts. I was wrong.
My thought about him changed when he saved me from demons, the same day I discovered that a "sword of Damocles" was hanging over my head. I witnessed the death of my parents. So much blood was in front of me. My only family, was dead. I was devastated."

Warning: it's Supernatural. Angst.

Author note: So many plot twist. It doesn't follow Supernatural's plot line completly.

(I own nothing except this story)

ChoveryChan ChoveryChan Oct 15, 2016
Just why?? This is unfair cant you love Crowley back? Just like how he love you? I hate you! Poor Crowley (πーπ)
The_Bloody_Actor The_Bloody_Actor Aug 22, 2016
"All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces......."