Imagines ⌲ Allen

Imagines ⌲ Allen

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нαу∂єи ☕️ By winchasster Updated Oct 25, 2017

❝ lightning 
gave me abs? ❞



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SugaTaeBaby SugaTaeBaby Sep 03, 2017
I have reflexes do he would of did that, I would have elbow him
Jolovez Jolovez Jun 15, 2017
Do you think you can make one with Barry rescuing the reader and the reader doesn't know that it's her best friend behind the mask
Roannseal Roannseal Nov 05, 2017
Hey. I don't know if you still do requests. if you do could you please do one were the reader is ray palmers little sister and Barry asks her out against Rays' permission. If you don't do request that's fine to! Thanks, byeeeeee!
GrazerDonut GrazerDonut Aug 24, 2016
I'd like to request a imagine where the reader is pregnant and she is kidnapped.
                              If it's a little to hard just tell me and you don't have to do it. Thank you!
teenwolf_216 teenwolf_216 Sep 03, 2016
I'd like to request an imagine where the reader and barry are pest friends (reader is in love with barry) sees Barry and Patty kiss. And is left heart broken.
Scarletspeedsterwolf Scarletspeedsterwolf Feb 22, 2017
Hi I would like a request.
                              It could be A/N or Isany. Her mother was also murdered at the same time as Barry's mother and also went to live with Joe and Iris, is given the power to duplicate any power. She and Barry falls in love and you can make up the rest. 
                              Thanks so much.