Blood Gang (BoyXBoy, COMPLETE)

Blood Gang (BoyXBoy, COMPLETE)

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Eridan smirked, blood red eyes glinting dangerously. His mouth was stained in a familiar red substance, and the shadows seemed to curl around him like a pet saying hello to it's master. "You're mine," he hissed softly. "You're all mine, Kardin."

Kardin took a small step back but he knew that he could run to the other side of the Earth and Eridan would still be able to find him. Afterall... Kardin was Eridan's.


Kardin was your average nerd kid. Straight A's, teachers pet, good at everything he did. And he was proud of that. He didn't need friends, or a girlfriend or anything like that. He was happy. Then Eridan, the leader of the 'Blood Gang' took interest in him. 

Or maybe he was interested for a long while and Kardin didn't notice?

Either way... Good grades are thrown out the window when a game started up- the rules were simple.

Run for your life and don't look back, or die. 

Was Eridan an enemy or friend? Could his own family be trusted? Kardin didn't know anymore. He just had to run.

(Cover by @Aramyst87)

FreddyFagBear FreddyFagBear 6 days ago
This is me. I'm really serious about school. And technical this I correct unless you're really beautiful/handsome.
People still come up and talk to me, even if I have earbuds in...
ggooll ggooll Feb 11
Wtf  my mom would be proud if I told her that I wanted to be a vegetarian (even though I'd give up after 3 days)
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An entire 6th grade social studies unit.
                              (Capital and human reasorces, GDP, Literacy rate, and Standard of Living)
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Honey that doesn't mean he hates you . . . he just lust for you
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why you so mean to your boyfriend 👀 that's not healthy for your relationship 💅🏾