Joshaya - Fanfiction Story

Joshaya - Fanfiction Story

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In this story Josh and Riley are not related. Also, Josh and Maya are both high school seniors.

Maya and Riley are two of the most popular students in Abigail Adams High School.

Maya is an artist, singer, and also dancer. Her Mom is an actress and her dad is the runner of Studio 21 in Spain. Her mom and dad are divorced. But Shawn, Cory's Best friend, married her mom and they're really happy. And Maya's dad is also married  and has 3 kids. 2 of them are twins, Max and Katrina, and the other one is 5 years older than her, Leon, who is also a singer, who studies on On beat studio in Argentina. 

Josh is also one of the most popular students. He is also one of the best artist in school like Maya. And he is also known as the bad boy player in school.

Josh is an artist. He's has amazing an amazing parent. Except that his Mom died when he was 5 due to an car accident. His mom is a legend singer, who is one of Maya's influences. Josh's dad is a professional piano player. Josh is also an amazing singer and dancer.

Lucas, Zay, and Josh are all childhood friends. Josh met Maya through Lucas's girlfriend, Riley. The first time Josh met Maya, he fell in love at her. 

What will happen to this popular students?

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But farkle and smackle get to stay, makes sense, smackle's a girl and farkle well he's just farkle