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All In Your Head

All In Your Head

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Fuck My Life By SepticSubstancexX Updated Dec 26, 2016

"Who are you talking to, Mark?"

"No one's there!"

"You're scaring me..."

But he is there... Jack is real... Isn't he?


Mark is 19. He hasn't gone off to college, he hasn't gotten a job or made any friends. Instead, he still lives with his mom, because he's crazy, of course. He's ordered by his many doctors not to leave his mother's house. He has to take numerous types of different medications to keep mental condition "stable". Mark is sick of it though, he quits the medication completely, which is highly dangerous. But Mark honestly doesn't give a fuck anymore.

He is finally himself again.

And everything is fine... Or so he thinks.

elovelyanm elovelyanm Mar 24
This is why I'm scared of antidepressants. I'm scared of the permanent smile.
w3irdipli3r w3irdipli3r Jul 14
Is it bad that I imagine an actual mountain of pills and then Mark opens his mouth and just inhaling them? Just me? Ok
OMG! I can relate to fearing death! I think about it all the time... is there something wrong with me?
My god the hallucinations are what's happening to me and I'm around 12
This is so me... But unlike Markimoo here, I know how to hide it
I have the same thing
                              Except, I'm always picturing jack beside me in my normal life, sitting in the desk next to me at school and doing the same tests with me in my classes, picturing my sister's room is his and him cleaning it and other stuff like that. Sometimes it switches to mark, Dan, or Phil.