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★Renting A Room★ UF!Sans X Reader

★Renting A Room★ UF!Sans X Reader

5.6K Reads 278 Votes 10 Part Story
jameh By JamiTheSkrub Updated Dec 13, 2016

You had recently moved out of you family's house, and looking for a place to live. While reading the newspaper, you had seen an ad for a room that could be rented out. It seemed like a good idea, until you realized the owners of this house you were going to be living in, were monsters. Of course you find out about this after renting it out.
                      Hallo! Welcome to my Underfell Sans X Reader fanfiction. I hope you enjoy ;) 
                      Please put in the comments if you think I should write a Lemon to put in this story. I'm on the verge of if I should or if I shouldn't, heh. WELP WITHOUT FURTHER ADO I SHOULD START WRITING NOW :|

AbsoluteUndertaleBS AbsoluteUndertaleBS Oct 13, 2016
Everyone else is just: "NOPE!!!!"
                              I'm just here like: "YASSSSSSSSS!!"
- - Sep 13, 2016
Am I the only one that wants this to happen? Yes.... Okie ;-;     >:3
hina_chan___ hina_chan___ Nov 22, 2016
g1nger_9 g1nger_9 Sep 10, 2016
OH H E L L NO -clicks reset button 24/7- F U C K THIS C R A P P Y S H I T!! ;-;
Devilandsinner Devilandsinner Oct 24, 2016
                              That's creepy dude
                              Don't whisper stuff to me
                              I hate it o-e
Neko_The_Cat Neko_The_Cat Sep 06, 2016
- slowly turns to sans and back at the room -
                              - slams reset button - HAHA NOPE NOT DOING THIS SHIZ