What A Pain [Sleepy Ash X OC]

What A Pain [Sleepy Ash X OC]

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Bored4TheDay By Bored4TheDay Updated Sep 25, 2016

Kageno Neroko finds a black cat sleeping under a pile of rubble. Aware that she was the cause of the rubble, Neroko brings the cat home and names him "Kuro." She is oblivious to Kuro's true form until the next morning....
I'm just gonna say it now. Don't copy my ideas, but I doubt that will happen considering the fact that barely anyone reads this and that my ideas suck. But anyway, no copying or else an unidentified corpse will be found the next morning.

Yay... an epic cover that I took 3 hours to make cause I didn't know how to use the editor :)))

Disclaimer:  I only own my OCs (only Nekoro so far) because I can. I don't own anything else... sadly.

luckystar000 luckystar000 Sep 27, 2016
im guessing Mahiru doesn't exist in this story or something like that