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My New Roommate- Nct Taeyong ff- Completed

My New Roommate- Nct Taeyong ff- Completed

75.1K Reads 2.7K Votes 17 Part Story
Dibidibidis By KyraGunura Completed

Elena is a 17 year old girl who is given the opportunity to continue studying in the city and also to live in the city by herself. Elena is a good girl who is shy around others apart from her companions; she isn't very popular among the students at school. On the other hand Taeyong is the MOST popular guy in school, but he is arrogant and ignorant to people around him. No one has ever seen him smile apart from his best friends; Jaehyun, Ten and Yuta. 

Elena finds an apartment in the city which is affordable and has paid for the deposit rent. But there is a catch to such a price. Taeyong has been given the same apartment. It turns out that the apartment contract was a scam. Neither of them can turn to their parents for help.

What will happen when both paths collide due to a scam? What will they do?

•inspired by Japanese drama: Good Morning Call-- check it out•

  • arrogance
  • betrayal
  • call
  • comedy
  • con
  • deathandlife
  • fanfiction
  • good
  • house
  • idol
  • jaehyun
  • korea
  • kpop
  • love
  • mean
  • morning
  • mystery
  • nct
  • revenge
  • romance
  • scam
  • school
  • taeyong
  • ten
  • yuta