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Fantasy : Lucifer X Reader

Fantasy : Lucifer X Reader

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Succ Jared ✨ By beestiel Completed

Warning! the following content can be viewed as inappropriate and even offensive to some viewers. viewer discretion is advised. you have been warned.

hello! okay this whole book will be filled with smutt and can be offensive and triggering to some. viewer discretion is advised! this will not be like my other stories but this will be a full book!
This is rated mature content because of
-graphic sexual scenes
-foul language
-some forced sexual scenes

All I can think of right now is the gif of dean "don't objectify me"
Imagine that but in a threesome. That'd hirt but at the same time... *screams as inner fangirl is unleashed*
And THAT my friends.... Is how babies are made... Guy sticks his noodle in ya and you have an allergic reaction where ya swell up for nine months and then push out a screaming tiny human. Happened to me twice 😂
I mean I would like to live not having to wear a bra, but that's not going to happen any time soon
"God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that who so ever belivith in him shall not parish but have ever lasting life." -some quote from the Bible because I need it right now.
Wait, where's the protection? Am I gonna be preggers? From Luci? Not complaining though..