Odd Shots *Discontinued*

Odd Shots *Discontinued*

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Turtle Man 🐢 By reckless_honey Completed

Hey guys!!Do you have a ship you love but there hasn't been a one shot about them?Here is where you can read all kinds of ships from bXb to gXg to any other ship.Just know that this is for fun and I don't actually want to seem like someone bad for shipping kids.They are no longer kids so..

No lemons.I don't actually know how to write lemons so.No judging my chapters.Please don't start an argument with someone just because you see something you don't like.

I own nothing but the plots.Characters and locations belong to PBS Kids/Sinking Ship Entertainment.

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Justheretocomment Justheretocomment Jul 04, 2017
Oscar isn't just a scientist anymore so YAY!!!! PROMOTION = SHIP!!!!!!
MoosieSick MoosieSick Aug 31, 2017
I'd like an Odd Todd x Olive! Please and Thank you! If you do this you the bestest, but if you don't it's okay too because you tried so you still the bestest!
residentbicon residentbicon Sep 17, 2016
My heart hurts this is beautiful...(can you do an Olympia/Oona? if you want to if you're not about that I totally respect that :))
DoctorForesight DoctorForesight Aug 16, 2016
How about Oprah x O'Donahue? I mean, I do ship Ms. O and Oscar too, but there's not many fan fictions for Oprah's first love.
-Ocean_Mists13- -Ocean_Mists13- Aug 21, 2016
Can you please do an OtisxOlympia one where Olympia loses her memory and only Otis can save her? It's okay if it's too much to do. Love your stories!