The Khan'dashians...

The Khan'dashians...

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Zain Asfandyar Khan and Zaroon Asfandyar Khan are completely opposites of each other in the "Khan Family."

Zaroon is the apple of everyone's eyes. He's decent, well mannered, well educated, Handsome and most eligible bachelor of the town. In every aspect, he's the perfect dream guy but there's a grey shade to his personality as well. 

Zain on the other hand is the happy go lucky guy who doesn't give a damn about anything. He wants to persue his dreams but none of the family members confide in him. Nevertheless, he decides to chase his dreams, his passion. 

But their baby sister "Hareem" is a total patakha and fashion diva. She is currently on a one year study trip to USA by Youth Exchange Program. She loves to argue without logics and reasoning. She's the pampered little girl. 


Zara Junaid is the cute and shy girl who has respect for everyone. Everybody adores her and loves her. She's very intelligent and decent. She has two protective brothers, Hamza Junaid and Shehryar Junaid, who never allow anyone to lay a finger on their sisters. 


Zenia Hanan Malik is a total crazy, fun-loving and free spirited girl. She's full of life and wants to make the best of every moment. She's one spoiled brat and the youngest and only sister of her 4 big brothers who aim to spoil her by every means. But She's one genius mind and she has some extra ordinary brain skills. 

This Crazy and slightly dysfunctional Khan'dashians squad will take you on an extra ordinary journey that will surely take you to another world. 

Have fun reading this Cucking frazy Khan'dashians journey. #MissionDesi

BollywoodLoveStories BollywoodLoveStories Sep 24, 2016
I like it! Star casts are so creative and fun. Shows you've picked them to who you think suit the charachters rather than people who are always together
BollywoodLoveStories BollywoodLoveStories Sep 24, 2016
I love the name Zain. I want a husband like Zain from 'Beintehaa.' My nephew is called Zain. I just love Zain
sidandshraddha sidandshraddha Dec 20, 2016
very very good cast and i am sure that your book also going to be as this
dancelover_7564 dancelover_7564 Sep 24, 2016
I love this idea! I'm really looking forward to reading it :) the characters seen exceptionally interesting and different from one another, which is always great. good luck on this one :)
VampCraz VampCraz Aug 19, 2016
I liked the cast.... Specially ..fawad, parineeti, varun and Jacqueline 😘😘
BollywoodLoveStories BollywoodLoveStories Sep 24, 2016
I don't know this guy... I'm totally clueless about him so how would I be obsessed with him? *Covers icon* Hehehe