Best Friends (Jungkook X Reader)

Best Friends (Jungkook X Reader)

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-Short story-

Your best friends with Jungkook the guy who practically every girl wants. But you just think of him as a best friend. Actually you have a crush on one of your classmates Taehyung. Jungkook is the person to take a girlfriend after every month but you didnt think of him in a bad way. He was just never into a serious relationship and the girls he dated werent either. But what you didnt knew was that Jungkook had a reason for that. The only girl he really loved was you. But he knew you would never date him because you dont want to ruin your guys relationship. Or so thats what he thought. You got all the more confused as your feeling towards your best friend started to change. Did you love him? Or did you love Taehyung?

Cover made by : @GoldenMaknae_21

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FridaJohn FridaJohn May 24
OK cool 
                              Me: hello domino's can i get a large pepperoni pizza oh and if you can call the fire department because i think i burned my friends house down that would be great
bapluvbabby bapluvbabby Jun 26
Hell definitely get it. Especially with 1 minute English lessons with RapMonster
bluefoxes23 bluefoxes23 Jun 19
When I looked at I will learn u I thought of something dirty
AkinaFuruya AkinaFuruya Oct 22
This cover photo makes me so damn jealous 
                              That height DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE GIRL AND JK
                              WHY AM I 170CM
seoulzii seoulzii Jun 18
*googles how to find a best friend like taehyung and make him my boyfriend*
Boi...i started learing english at 7 years old by watching youtube.Look at me now...reading english books😂