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Into The Woods » Stranger Things (m.w)

Into The Woods » Stranger Things (m.w)

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Orla By pastelxchild Updated Feb 11

"The feeling of warmth and shakiness and emptiness fluttering all at the same time. It was so... odd."

Grace Knightwood never liked to follow rules.

Especially when one of her best friends has just gone missing and the sheriff has forbidden her and her friends from searching for him.

Left with more questions than answers, watch Grace try to find her lost friend all while dealing with a confusing crush and a girl with superpowers.

#37 in mystery/thriller

Mike Wheeler fanfic 
© pastelxchild 2016

Lucas is a great character. Honestly. Even if he didn't like eleven at first. I don't blame him. It's logical anyways.
MKhamada14 MKhamada14 Jan 16
He looks so frickin cool for some reason I mean LOOK AT THAT MUSTACHE
elevenlovesmyeggos elevenlovesmyeggos Nov 13, 2016
Have you watched the movie orphan? Because the face claims of  grace and tabby come out in the movie :)
IzzyND IzzyND Dec 04, 2016
I thought it said eleven and I was so confused 😂😂😂😂