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Even My Brother Doesn't Want Me

Even My Brother Doesn't Want Me

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VivaciousVintage By VivaciousVintage Completed

A combination of two cliches 
  My brother is my mate, and my mate rejected me. 
  Remi never knew she was adopted, so imagine her horror when her supposed brother turns out to be her mate. Then he rejects her, because apparently, the alpha shouldn't associate himself with the lowest of the low.
  "Probably not. I'm sure the moon goddess isn't a fan of incest," he said impatiently, like he was waiting for me to stop talking and start kissing him. Deena didn't mind that idea. 
  This book has been un-cliched as much as possible.
Started: July 31st 2016
Ended: August 19th 2016. 
Yes, I wrote this book in twenty days, but it's only because I'm awesome. 

Highest Rank: #5 in werewolf

AdlynSmith AdlynSmith Aug 02, 2016
A good introductory chapter. It gave enough background to show how she fit into d scheme of things in d pack. Its a bit similar to how brothers threat their younger siblings when they r putting them down but that's kl.
AdlynSmith AdlynSmith Aug 02, 2016
I like d writing form of this chapter. Oh I like her wolf. She is a bright spark.
AdlynSmith AdlynSmith Aug 02, 2016
Its so sad that her family didn't remember her birthday. N her dreams n hopes r what a normal 17 year old shld have in her life without having to dream it. But we already know she don't get what she is hoping for n a dream is just that. Clara lightens d depressing pic.
ThalytaHaidenGreene ThalytaHaidenGreene Nov 21, 2016
All the  bullied 'gat' --- thought you'd like to see that ... Good story! :)