The make up artist |Jeon Jungkook X reader|

The make up artist |Jeon Jungkook X reader|

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You are the top in your styling class!
Well done! 

Your teacher managed to give you a job in Big Hit studios, being a make up artist for a new k-pop group, BTS. After talking to the leader, you found out you were the same age as the maknae, Jungkook

You continue to work with Bighit, alongside with BTS. Jungkook and you always talk to each other, he learns about how your parents live in America and how inspired you were from fashion designers there 

You've been assigned to Jungkook since the beginning, you've always been assigned to him, maybe you've also slowly fallen for him ? 

One day your old stylist teacher comes back with another student. She tells you how you must be assigned somewhere else.

You moved to America.

Jungkook attempts to find you, but out were too busy discovering something else of your own.



lol I wrote this book when I was biased for Jungkook, emphasize 'WHEN' but lmao who doesn't love Jungkook anyway

-psychxtic -psychxtic Jun 23
BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA MY MUM WOULD LITERALLY SAY "eh. Could've done better." and throw it away lmao my mother everyone *applauds* I love her tho
-psychxtic -psychxtic Jun 23
                              Jin: Darn right they do *sassy pose with pink apron on and spatula in hand*
                              Jungkook in background: OH MAN, HOLY SH-T
                              Jin: *chokes on spit and chases Jungkook around with spatula*
Astraphix Astraphix Jul 07
When my teacher says "don't open your report card yet" I just don't care and just open it if I see that I have bad grades I hide the report card from my parents
Belle_Rouge Belle_Rouge Sep 02
I always wished to be a make up artist for an idol and this book made it to lifeu~
Right....she would be like 
                              'Are you following those gay chinese boys everywhere?'
baby-kat baby-kat 6 days ago
I wish they were 2 i deal with more than 13 and not counting the people who are my aunts that are friends with my parents