The make up artist |Jeon Jungkook X reader|

The make up artist |Jeon Jungkook X reader|

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|BASIC 073116|
You are the top in your styling class!
Well done! 

Your teacher managed to give you a job in Big Hit studios,being a make up artist for a new k-pop group,BTS.After talking to the leader,you found out you were the same age as the maknae,Jungkook

You continue to work with Bighit,alongside with BTS.Jungkook and you always talk to each other and he finds out about how your parents live in America as you were inspired from people in America 

You've been assigned to Jungkook since the beginning.You've always been assigned to him,maybe you've also slowly fallen for him.

But your old stylist teacher comes back with another student 

'You've been assigned to models in America'

You moved to America.

Jungkook tries to find you again.

But there's something that was hidden from you your entire life that Jungkook helps you to recover from

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