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The make up artist |Jeon Jungkook X reader|

The make up artist |Jeon Jungkook X reader|

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[ON STUDY HIATUS] By BTS_Sseulegitong Completed


You are the top in your styling class!
Well done! 

Your teacher managed to give you a job in Big Hit studios, being a make up artist for a new k-pop group, BTS. After talking to the leader, you found out you were the same age as the maknae, Jungkook

You continue to work with Bighit, alongside with BTS. Jungkook and you always talk to each other, he learns about how your parents live in America and how inspired you were from fashion designers there 

You've been assigned to Jungkook since the beginning, you've always been assigned to him, maybe you've also slowly fallen for him ? 

One day your old stylist teacher comes back with another student. She tells you how you must be assigned somewhere else.

You moved to America.

Jungkook attempts to find you, but out were too busy discovering something else of your own.



lol I wrote this book when I was biased for Jungkook, emphasize 'WHEN' but lmao who doesn't love Jungkook anyway

                              NAMJOONS HAIR AND THOSE GLASSES
                              JIMIN RAISING HIS SHIRT UP
                              OH MY GOD
Im confused to about the Korean age thing too ur not the only one
Themangle12 Themangle12 Jan 06
Ah, your Korean age is always gonna be 1 year more than your current age. To put it simply, it's like adding 1 to you current age. If I was 15 in English age I'd be 16 in Korean age. Does that make sense? Sorry if I sounded confusing!
I think you would be 16 not 15 since you are already 1 when you were born unless your birthday is new years eve so you will already be 2 the next day you were born
I'm 15 and in Korean age I'm 16 but because of New Years I'm now 17 in Korea