Rants W/ Le Pickle

Rants W/ Le Pickle

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nothayesgrier By nothayesgrier Updated Jul 31, 2016

Many people dont understand my life as a pickle.One day i was just chilling in a jar with my mom in the back of a refrigerator and all of the suddent a random person comes and takes me and my mom.Right in front of my eyes the person ate my own mom. Luckily i was able to to escape by jumping out of the jar and landing on the floor.And even a smart pickle knows that a person dosent want to eat a pickle that fell on the floor so of course the person threw me away.Today i live my life in a dumpster.People just dont understand a pickles boundries.Anyways thats all i had to say.

Everyone use the hashtag #respectapickle to spead the word that pickles are beautiful and should not be eaten.

Pickle swag.