Loving Lady Georgianna (Spirited #2)

Loving Lady Georgianna (Spirited #2)

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Everyone has secrets...

Vincent, Viscount Thorne, perfected his wicked grin and his good-humored mask years ago. He has no time for fools. Or that fickle emotion, love. The ton is full of sheep blindly walking into heartbreak.
After all, he had ruined his best friend's little sister for love only to have ripped away from him. Thorne had no choice but to leave her waiting that night in the garden. It was his only choice. So, why does he still regret it so damned much? 

Especially now, when the lady in question reenters society, scarred but hardly broken. The Duke of Burkeley - that pompous, uptight wanker - declares himself her fiancee, and Thorne finds he will do whatever necessary to keep her out of that prig's clutches. 

A wager is in order. He'll find her a better bridegroom and then let her go. If only he could. 

...but eventually, even the best kept secrets come out...

Lady Georgianna is done hiding. So what, the love of her life left her waiting for hours in a darkened garden? So what, the fire chose that evening to entrap her, leaving her face burned? She dares anyone to place her into an imposed exile. Once was enough. 

With the Duke as her betrothed - the most arrogant and influential of them - Georgie will finally have everything she wanted within her grasp. Well, if Thorne hadn't intervened once more with his ridiculous talk of wagers. Suddenly, Georgie's in a game she can't afford to lose.

But, what if she wins?

...Until everything comes crashing down...

By season's end, the masquerade ball reveals more than their masked faces. It's a blazing unveiling that trumps even Beau Brummel's exile. The question remains. Will it lead to their ultimate ruination? Or might it just be their salvation?

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HIGHEST RANKING: #2 on 3/6/2017

Book 2 in the Spirited Brides series. **CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE**

Beautiful cover and Graphic by @angelanguyenn!

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SaraCappellini6 SaraCappellini6 Jun 06, 2018
I love this intro, very Victorian-like, looking forward to read all the book
BohemiansLullaby BohemiansLullaby Mar 14, 2017
I hope we get these juicy notes from this anonymous writer all through this book 😝
Chu_Chi14 Chu_Chi14 Jun 03, 2017
I can already tell that this novel is gonna broaden my vocabulary and I'm absolutely excited by the fact!
pollyjuice724 pollyjuice724 Aug 11, 2017
I love the way you have introduced the story... Thats quite a thoughtful idea
Zaaaayra Zaaaayra Nov 13, 2016
I  am looking forward to this book. In the stables was a blast, so damn funny and Lord Thorne has got to be my favorite character