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I'm Not Yours Anymore, I'm His.

I'm Not Yours Anymore, I'm His.

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▪lenah▪ By sonority Completed

Amanda Jones wasn't always a heartless, uncaring, Class A bitch. Well, most people who know her, (heck, everybody knows her) have always known her as an 'It' Girl, a narcissistic she-wolf who so happens to be the daughter of the Beta of the Blue Moonlight Pack. 

After a rejection, a betrayal and a huge fall from fame, Amanda is heartbroken, torn, and distraught. She can't go on. She's nothing. That is until she walks onto another pack's territory...

Follow the unexpected twists and turns of Amanda's life. Will her new future make up for her terrible past? What will happen when everything she has tried to forget resurfaces?

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PG-13 rated. 
sonority - Copyright © 2013 - All Rights Reserved

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_deletedaccount_____ _deletedaccount_____ Oct 25, 2016
If someone was like this at my school I'd punch some sense into her,  she'd  thank me later
_deletedaccount_____ _deletedaccount_____ Oct 25, 2016
Yea and guess what!? That girl you teased today about her jeans is probably cutting herself *sits in office chair with fake glasses and acts all smart*
Ayie104 Ayie104 Oct 03, 2016
Sigh... What can I say she deserves the hèll she's going through... It's called Karma
minikitteykat minikitteykat Dec 18, 2016
Hahaha she got what was coming. Hahah. Thinking she's so High and mighty!  I feel no pity for her or sympathy. I'm laugh my ass off!
ImOnlyTheQueen ImOnlyTheQueen Nov 26, 2016
I feel no pity for someone like her. Normally I'm against slut shaming, but, that's only because we don't know the full story. I've seen her "reasoning", and she deserves what's coming to her.😑
Ayie104 Ayie104 Oct 03, 2016
I know I should feel sympathetic and all... But I can't. She is a grade A Bïtch and slüt, plus she knew what she was getting into being like that and speaking like that. 😑