I'm Not Yours Anymore, I'm His.

I'm Not Yours Anymore, I'm His.

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Amanda Jones wasn't always a heartless, uncaring, Class A bitch. Well, most people who know her, (heck, everybody knows her) have always known her as an 'It' Girl, a narcissistic she-wolf who so happens to be the daughter of the Beta of the Blue Moonlight Pack. 

After a rejection, a betrayal and a huge fall from fame, Amanda is heartbroken, torn, and distraught. She can't go on. She's nothing. That is until she walks onto another pack's territory...

Follow the unexpected twists and turns of Amanda's life. Will her new future make up for her terrible past? What will happen when everything she has tried to forget resurfaces?

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KaitlinMarie777 KaitlinMarie777 Jul 29, 2017
I'm no professional but, mascara makes my eyes puffy after a while. Especially when I use more than usual.
KaitlinMarie777 KaitlinMarie777 Jul 29, 2017
I've always wanted to read a book in the POV of someone like this 😂
Potatogirl123bhucn Potatogirl123bhucn Aug 09, 2017
I feel like theres gonna be a nee girl whos better than her and then she's honna get jealous and her boyfriend will cheat or mate with the new girl
Potatogirl123bhucn Potatogirl123bhucn Aug 09, 2017
Usally the main character is nice welp nope. Bit intill they loose what they had they realize they should of been nicer because then they wouldnt have To depend on someone else for the popularity
alyh1214 alyh1214 Sep 06, 2017
Well I mean, you did deserve it. Next time, try being a little nicer.
_deletedaccount_____ _deletedaccount_____ Oct 25, 2016
If someone was like this at my school I'd punch some sense into her,  she'd  thank me later