Intertwined Legends (Zutara)

Intertwined Legends (Zutara)

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Katara never expected to stop by the village on the lake with the rest of the group, and she certainly doesn't expect to take on the role of the village's spirit, The Painted Lady. While residing in such a place, she runs into two people – or rather, a single person – that she never expected to see again. 

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When I watched the finale of it was so disappointed that they didn't made Zuko and Katara into a couple
lavenderandlilacs16 lavenderandlilacs16 Dec 26, 2016
Hehe, Shu, I thought of Shu Sakamaki from Diabolik lovers that hilarious
- - Nov 05, 2016
@Ms_Horrendous doesn't this seem like a shipping moment for them 🐾😂✌️️
MyDragonsAtTheDisco MyDragonsAtTheDisco Dec 17, 2016
While watching the series I laughed at every. Single. One. Of Sokka's jokes, because I'm that type of person the adores cheezy jokes.
fredardandly fredardandly Feb 03, 2016
I was so sad when katara and zuko didnt get together i shipped before i knew what shipping was
Fandom2Random Fandom2Random Oct 15, 2016
Gaang 😂 That's like calling the MLP characters the Mane 6