Black Butler Oneshots!

Black Butler Oneshots!

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ZOSAN FOREVER By erenackerman1225 Updated Sep 18

It was raining outside and you were running as fast as you can through the forest.

"Ah!" You suddenly fell on the floor. You grunted as you stood up glaring down at your now muddy and dirty clothes.
"Great.." You mumbled. As you looked up, you noticed a mansion.
"Maybe I could get shelter over there!" You grinned as you began running towards it. As soon as you reached it, you knocked a few times and waited. It began getting colder as the rain poured on you. You tried warming yourself but wasn't really working. You knocked again shaking from the cold. No one opened the door.
"Oh come on! I'm freezing out here!" You told yourself.
"Maybe no one's home.... Just great!" You looked behind you, only to see a tall man with brown hair smirking at you. 

You gasped as he tore your jacket the only thing to keep you warm off. You began shaking uncontrollably as the cold hit you skin you flared up at the man in anger as he flipped you over his shoulder. Tears roll down your cold cheeks as he slam...

Nuh uh!!! Ciel needs to stay as my short husbando!!😵 baby Ciel! Come baaaack
We freaking meet yesterday night Short stack!!! AND I almost got rapped!!!!😑
My favourite food is McDonald's...we should've just gone to the restraunt...
Yuki_Akane Yuki_Akane Aug 09
I WILL GO ALL YANDERE ON YOUR ASS!I'm sorry.I'm territorial.
*says in a really cheerful voice* I MET YOU YESTERDAY *jazz hands*
Well.... I went to wiki and saw that you are taller than he is...