Ash betrayed   The Chosen One returns.

Ash betrayed The Chosen One returns.

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Ash Ketchum never thought that this was going to happen in his life.
He thought his friends and mother loved him and supported him, but one event proves this to be false. 
Finding allies in his new friends as well as old Ash leaves those who betrayed him behind. He catches and trains new pokemon, becomes an Aura Guardian and catches the legendaries no one sees. 
He returns for a tournament and meets those that pushed him away.
With his friends, pokemon and his new mate, what is Ash going to do?

Read to find out!

  • ashxmewtwo
What's this?
                              *Sees feels* 
                              I'ma burn you!!!!
                              *Feels proves to be indestructible*
And you'll never be a good one either, trainer and performer.
                              I came back cuz Wynaut?
celinV celinV Oct 10
Why is it always flashbacks? Why didn't it starts off when he gets betrayed? And NO time skip?
celinV celinV Aug 09
I hope Palletshipping isn't completely dead in this... even tho it won't happen but still
*A wild Pokedex has appeared
                              *catches it*
                              *Professor oak would like to evolve it
                              *Congrats, you Pokedex has evolved into a nanodex!
PikachuOfAlola PikachuOfAlola 6 days ago
Whats with people and Nanodex's? every "Betrayed" book i read, they always have a Nanodex xD