As Long as There's Light (Poe Dameron Love Story)

As Long as There's Light (Poe Dameron Love Story)

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chanceux By chanceux Updated Aug 11

Nari Haaos is a Jedi in training--that is, until everything and everyone she knew and loved are slaughtered by a man she once called a friend--Ben Solo. Perhaps Kylo Ren would be more suitable a name. Nari escapes narrowly from Kylo Ren's attack upon the Jedi Temple, but not unscathed. Injured psychologically, she herself cannot mend her mind alone. 

Fortunately for Nari, Poe Dameron, the Resistance's best pilot, is more than happy to offer his help. 

*Disclaimer* all characters except Nari Haaos belong to Star Wars

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Sooo I just realized you're the same author of that Charles Xavier story I read a few years ago. Nice to be back again lol