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Lana Sky By Lana_sky Updated Sep 23, 2016

Sometimes the "Good Girl" can do a very bad thing...

Amy Sager, a shy twenty something poet from Canada just wanted to break out of her shell. What better way to assert her new found independence than by moving to San Francisco? 

But when she meets a tall, blood-drenched stranger she gets more than she bargained for. Gang violence, lies, and even murder taint this strange man, but she finds herself drawn him irresistibly...like a moth to flame.

It isn't long before normal turns into just another story of 'good girl caught on the wrong side of the tracks', too far gone to turn back.

RitimaS7 RitimaS7 Jul 30, 2016
Yessssss please tell me you r going to update the entire book
beanieweeeeeeenie beanieweeeeeeenie Jul 30, 2016
Even though there is only one chapter, this is shaping up to be my favorite book of yours. I'm already captivated by the characters and story, and I can't wait to see more.
FatAmyPitchSlappedMe FatAmyPitchSlappedMe Dec 31, 2016
Once I again I'm reminded of how beautiful and haunting your writing is. I always feel so inspired by you. Love it.
Sumara2 Sumara2 Aug 04, 2016
So much questions. The intensity form this chapter alone is so much.
bestmom60 bestmom60 Aug 01, 2016
Wow, I really want to know how they met the first time round.
dollbruises dollbruises Aug 01, 2016
Your writing is so thrilling and easily gets the reader captivated. I'm already excited and it's only the first chapter. I can't wait to learn more about these characters.