The Red Haired Princess

The Red Haired Princess

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sunshine By sunshine_vivi Updated 3 days ago

"I-I will dye it black if you want." I shuddered.

My voice startled everyone for a minute and then, the whole palace was filled with laughter. Their laughter was saying even if you dye them, they will still grow red. You still are considered a witch. Their laughter was filled with humiliation.

I clenched my long purple sleeves and bit my lower lip out of embarrassment. I wished I could crawl into a hole and never come out of it.

"Why don't I marry her?"

A deep stiff voice rang through the place, making every one of them quiet.

I am confused there is so so so so  much Adjectives stuffed into one sentence Overwhelmingly. Ex. The red fluffy small but mighty kitten is strange and unique it's perplexing under the afternoon sun.menti ???
segrido segrido Aug 11, 2016
Just loved it's a great waiting for more of ur magical work....
- - Aug 04, 2016
This story is really interesting. really did get me to thinking. Good job! Keep doing great things and you'll become a better writer.
quietEcstasy quietEcstasy Aug 08, 2016
Great start so far and I like the concept with the hair. If I may, if you just sweep through with some editing it would be perfect.
ShadowFox_CP ShadowFox_CP Aug 03, 2016
Oh. My gosh. The last chapter was so cool! I can't wait for the next one, great job! ^^
lollygal547 lollygal547 Aug 03, 2016
XD lets go! I wanna slap those higher uppers in their face and be like " even if I am a witch, don't judge! I don't do that to you!" and than the other, nice prince comes in and I'm like " at least there's someone who isn't bothered by it!"