Evil That Men Do (That Which Was Lost  series - VOL 2)

Evil That Men Do (That Which Was Lost series - VOL 2)

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Audrey By AMS1971 Updated Aug 12, 2016

*To be read AFTER volume 1 - "The Brokenhearted Necklace".

Paul's backstory. If you don't know who 'Paul' is, then you haven't read 'The Brokenhearted Necklace'. Please go and do so now before reading this ;)

*WARNING:  Contains multiple forms of abuse that some readers may be senstitive to.

Kishi1999 Kishi1999 Jul 01, 2017
Okay. My eyes are preparing themselves for the inevitable tears. *pops fingers and other joints* phew! Let's do this!!
BabitaKumar BabitaKumar Aug 07, 2017
I seriously know that this is fiction but I want their love to last forever and ever. Bless you awesome couple!
avelyn11 avelyn11 May 10, 2017
@AMS1971 will you be finishing this series?
                              I'm scared to read if there's no ending but I really really want to 😣
TeraRahming TeraRahming Apr 23, 2017
I ain't ga lie I had to read like four other books before I even had the guts to read this book..... 😟😟😟😟😟I hope I could handle the rough journey because Paul is my favorite character.... 😞😞😞😞I love that dude 💞
Rai4na Rai4na Aug 12, 2016
HOLY COW... I finally made the connection. It's Ivan from "jackson's punishment ". Whew, I totally had to double check that one or it was going to bother me for a while. Totally loving the crossovers though... Well, if you can call it that!
HappilySociallyInept HappilySociallyInept Jul 30, 2016
I'm so excited about this 🎊🎉💃(I mean I'll probably cry A LOT but I'm still excited)