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Vanishing Sun (A Twilight Fan Fiction)

Vanishing Sun (A Twilight Fan Fiction)

153K Reads 3.2K Votes 12 Part Story
Ashley By TeamCullen0401 Updated Oct 09, 2016

~Warning- This story has abuse in it. If you can not handle reading about someone being abused then do not read~
Bella is forced to go live with her Aunt and Uncle in Tennesee while her mom travels for a job. Little does she know what will be ahead of her in this life. Her Aunt and Uncle hate her and want nothing to do with her. She is glad she only has to live with them until her mother returns until something tradegic happens and she is forced to live with them longer.They decide to move to Forks for help from family friends. But they start abusing her before they move to Forks. Along the way, she ends up reuniting with an childhood friend. What he doesnt know is that Bella's aunt and uncle abuse her. Bella constantly makes up lies about her injuries to him but after awhile the lies do not work any longer. Bella ends up falling in love with him but is heart broken when something drastic happens and he disappears a few days before she starts school. Bella starts school at Forks High School and meets a strange family. Bella starts falling in love with one of the strange family members. But when her childhood friend comes back into her life, Who will she choose? And what will happen when they find out about Bella's living situation? Find out in my different kind of twilight story!

raniabliora raniabliora Mar 03, 2014
@SolmenS  is not there a continue from that book. do u know?
raniabliora raniabliora Mar 03, 2014
can you please tell me where i can find the continue of that book! i have been searching for days without sucess. please tell me
SolmenS SolmenS Feb 05, 2014
Put more chapters to Crescent Moon to were jacob gets married to renesme
GretaSaripova GretaSaripova Sep 24, 2013
aren't there going to be more chapter's? I absolutely love it!
jenwiegs jenwiegs May 14, 2013
this story kicks ass!!! keep this going please!!! it's awesome
MelaninBytch MelaninBytch Apr 07, 2013
Kk so basiclly its the same as it was in the real twlight except bella lives with her aunt and uncle and is abused? K i wonder how u came up with tht.