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Twinkle Starling By TwinkleParihar Updated Aug 21

"She is so....different." Tristan Huffs. 
"She is always smiling and laughing and giggling...." Xeven exclaims almost shouting. 
"She is everything we are not." Tristan looks down, defeated. 
"I love her brother." Xeven says in a low voice. 
"I love her too brother." Tristan says looking Xeven in the eyes. 
"Then it's set." Xeven asks, a hope flickering in his emerald green eyes. 
"What is?" Tristan asks his best friend in confusion. 
"We shall make her OURS." A look of determination in Xeven's eyes. 
"She can't choose one from between us." Xeven says. 
"She gets the both of us." Tristan says. 

And a few miles away Anya is lying on her stomach watching cartoons, unbeknownst to her. Her fate was sealed between the two best friends.

Start Date: 31st July, 2016. Rewritten: 10th October, 2016. 


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"Love Is A Ruthless Game...." - Taylor Swift.

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It has alot of humour you see near 1:00am I was reading it and a started to laugh at your funny lines
In the early paragraph she is calm but when she says 'its not a fúcking......' I end up laughing cause I imagine to raise her voice on this part
xxkmamiixx xxkmamiixx Jun 20
Y nobody consider she was probably a virgin and they went to rough on her first time 😒
KimRogue KimRogue Mar 06
They injured her by the rough sex. She may be too small to handle them and she bleeds
malspanda malspanda Oct 09, 2016
How come I can only see the sentence" Start writing your story" and no more chapters or part of the story :(
chrysantheum11789 chrysantheum11789 Oct 12, 2016
Oh my fudge!!! What happened why did you change the story??? What is turn of events???i am very confused about this...