Perfect Imperfection

Perfect Imperfection

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Nightmare Eyes By Boyprincess_2 Completed

Mitch and Scott decide to take the plunge into parenthood. So, Scott stopped using condoms and Mitch gets pregnant.

They are also mutants. Mitch can read minds and Scott can control metal.(low key cherik in but with an upgrade.) 

Their kids inherit their ancestors mutations. Super human speed and telekinesis. 

Things soon go sour when the family's  'gifts' are discovered.
(Disclaimer! I don't own any of these fucking pictures or songs...I may not even use songs)

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It takes at least 2 weeks for pregnancys begin to kick in lol
Agag23 Agag23 Aug 23
Remember the "fück with you mind" thing with the acronym thing. It reminded me of that,
Agag23 Agag23 Aug 23
Lol something Mitch would probably say actually more like Scott I dunno why
Rizil2000 Rizil2000 Jun 04
That just reminded me of "Hows about you and me go study. And then u s*** his d***" -superfruit 😂
MinnaDamask MinnaDamask Jan 03
Because I'm not wearing my glasses rn I thought that was actually him at first lmao
VirginiaHouchin VirginiaHouchin Jul 30, 2016
Home - (picture number 4 - just in case you can't tell which one I'm voting for.)